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Fall 2023

Meet your new representatives on the NUS team!

Vice President:
Lauren Mage - Headshot (Vice President).jpg

Lauren Mage

Junior Communications:
Amanda Ombricolo - Headshot (Communications).jpg

Amanda Ombricolo

Junior Directors Finance: 
Emily Xu - Headshot (Finance).jpg

Emily Xu


Annie Jiang

First year ReP:
Paula Rasiulis - Headshot (First Year).jpg

Paula Rasiulis

Junior Wellness
Serena Lai - Headshot (Wellness).jpg

Serena Lai

 Junior Publications Coordinators:
Amanda Ha Publications.jpg
Parveen Dhillon - Headshot (Publications).jpeg
Samantha Rapson - Headshot (Publications).PNG

Amanda Ha

Parveen Dhillon

Samantha Rapson

Junior Social Coordinators:
First Year Athletics
and RecreatioN Rep:
Sarah Mendez - Headshot (Social).jpg

Sarah Mendez

Farah Garada - Headshot (Social).png

Farah Garada

Jade Gracey - Headshot (Athletics).jpg

Jade Gracey

RNAO Associate Delegate:
CNSA associate
UTSU First Year
Ana Constantin - Headshot (RNAO).jpeg

Ana Constantin

Ria Patel - Headshot (UTSU).jpeg

Ria Patel

 Junior Equity Coordinators:
Sydney Dobronyi - Headshot (Equity).jpg

Sydney Dobronyi

Katherine Chen - Headshot (Equity).jpg

Katherine Chen

Global HealtH First year reps:
Tom Joseph - Headshot (Global Health).jpg

Tom Joseph

Zoe Simas - Headshot (Global Health).jpeg

Zoe Simas

Amna Zafar - Headshot (Wellness).jpg

Amna Zafar

IPE First Year REP:
Olena Zubrytska - Headshot (IPE).jpg

Olena Zubrytska

IHI Associate Delegate:
Celine Frederick - Headshot (IHI).jpg

Celine Frederick


Rajashita Datta

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