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2. Joanna Faltyn

My name is Joanna Faltyn and I am running to be the CNSA Associate Delegate for the 2018/19 year. The University of Toronto is a chapter of the Canadian Nursing Students Association which represents students and their interests to government, healthcare organizations and to the media. I would love to be the delegate for this organization to be the link between our voices and the CNSA.


I graduated from McMaster University with a degree in Molecular Biology & Genetics this past spring. At McMaster, I was involved with a charitable student-led club, Smiling Over Sickness, which raises approximately $25,000 for charities associated with pediatric illness, such as Angel Hair 4 Kids and Camp Trillium. During my last year at McMaster, I was the President of this club and I look forward to taking the skills I learned on that Executive Team to NUS!


Some fun things I like are hiking, watching soccer games, and wearing birks with socks until snow hits the ground. Best of luck this year!


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