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CNSA Associate Delegate

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1. sheryl robertson

My name is Sheryl Robertson and I am running for the NUS Canadian Nursing Students’ Association Associate Delegate! This past June I graduated from Ryerson University, with an honours Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science and a minor in Psychology. I then enthusiastically chose to pursue nursing at U of T with all of you, and am extremely happy with my decision! Some interesting tidbits about me include, I love going to trivia weekly (even though I suck at trivia), my spirit animal is platypus, and I love traveling (even if on a student budget)!

At Ryerson, I became a Science Student Ambassador and represented the Faculty of Science and the University to prospective students at several events. I believe this experience will help me represent our students well at CNSA events, if I am lucky enough to get elected. Through this position I hope to bring valuable information to the students, but more importantly bring Bloomberg students’ voices to the CNSA. I think the power of a student voice is important but often goes unnoticed, so I would work to bring your voices and opinions to the CNSA. I would also work to encourage professionalism and make connections with organizations, as well as be an advocate for nursing research. I’m excited to be on this nursing journey with all of you!

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