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celia cassiani
Jonathan young
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celia cassiani

My name is Celia and I am very excited to be running for the IHI Associate Delegate position. Outside of school and work you can find me running around the city with my dogs, or attempting to cook! By running for this position, I am hoping to connect with other students in our cohort and to bring as many opportunities for those interested in healthcare improvement through IHI.

For those of you who may not know, IHI is the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, a global network of healthcare professionals and learners who are dedicated to improving the healthcare system. I am very interested in working with our cohort to enact changes within the healthcare system to improve care for all. I am very passionate about quality improvement and patient safety because small changes can make a big difference, on a unit or even across a hospital. For example, a simple change in the storage of medications transformed the flow of the hospital unit I worked on, and ensured patients were safe. I was able to help lead this project through online tools from IHI. As Associate Delegate for IHI I would ensure that students are exposed to patient safety and quality improvement projects and have access to as many educational opportunities as possible! As future nurses, learning how to work with an interprofessional team to improve the quality of care we deliver can make a great difference.

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