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Meredith mckinnon

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Meredith mckinnon

Hi everyone, my name is Meredith and I was a member of NUS last year with Global Health.


I am running for the UTSU Senior Director position and this is my opportunity to explain why you should vote for me. The truth is that you should not vote for me, or rather, you should not have to vote for me, or for anyone else, when it comes to this position. This was Katelyn’s position. I did not know her well but her dedication to NUS was undeniable. I would just like to say that if I find myself on this committee once again, I will do my best to try and fill Katelyn’s shoes, knowing full well that this is an impossible task. Thank you.


P.S. My video is a clip of sunset in Antarctica from a sailor friend (I’ve never been, looks cold). I figured we are all tired of video faces and thought it worth sharing some beauty from the ends of the earth.

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