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3. Alexa Burak

Hi everyone!


My name is Alexa and I would love to represent our class as your Vice President. I am the ideal candidate for VP due to my background in psychology, my positions chairing multiple committees, my interpersonal and organizational skills, and my inherent desire to help.


I graduated from uOttawa with a BSc in psychology due to my deep appreciation for the human mind and desire to uncover how we work. I have cultivated a good understanding of people’s needs and the ability to work in adaptable ways. I would use these skills to cater the Lunch and Learns throughout our term. I am confident in my ability to organize and execute these events without a hitch. My focus is centered around our individuality.


I am passionate about advocating for my fellow students’ needs. I am very comfortable speaking up when necessary, as I have shown in class and lab by making a point to ensure that everything is clarified. I have enjoyed getting to know you and I hope to use this individual connection to really understand the needs and desires of my fellow students to be the liaison with our faculty. If we haven’t yet met, please introduce yourself!


I am comfortable working independently but just as excited to work with a team. In Ottawa, I was an executive member of a committee that educated the public on various brain related matters. My responsibilities as logistics chair involved ensuring that all details of our events were taken care of from venue booking to organizing speakers. Additionally, I worked on a board for a two day conference with speakers, discussions, and a poster presentation. These positions were very demanding but gave me skills directly applicable in the role of VP such as flexibility and organization. This prepared me to help any member of NUS with their events. Given the opportunity, I look forward to collaborating with, supporting, and later building off of our current president.


As many of you know, an integral event planned by the VP are the blood drives. I make a statement of donating blood as often as I can. Through my various donations, I have become familiar with the system and am determined to organize drives at convenient times while also being available to encourage first time donors!


I am always the first to lend a hand when extra help is needed and am committed to doing so throughout this year working with NUS and the faculty. I work most productively when my schedule is packed! I am excited to be starting this year with such a great group of future nurses and I can’t wait to see what this year holds for us. I’d love the opportunity to be part of the process!


Thank you,

Alexa Burak

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