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Vice President

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2. Susan Hwang

My name is Susan Hwang and my pronouns are she/her.


Ideally, you are reading this because you care about the student experience and want to be represented by the person you feel will do the best job. 


This year, I hope to represent you as Vice President of the Nursing Undergraduate Society. I studied psychology and life sciences at uOttawa while working part-time in the pharmacy and being involved in student life. I have over 650 hours of university verified co-curricular activities which includes annual medical/veterinary volunteer trips and being President of the VIDA Club, dedicated to organizing and going on medical/dental/veterinary volunteer trips abroad. However, most of my co-curricular hours were in student leadership. 


From 2016-2018, I served as the Director of Logistics then as VP Finance for the Psychology Students? Association. I am confident that I will be able to perform all the tasks required of being VP because most of them overlap with my previous responsibilities as VP Finance. These include:

  • Having voting authority

  • Having signing authority 

  • Attending executive meetings

  • Representing the program in faculty meetings 

  • Supporting executive members with event planning and execution 

  • Being involved in an awards committee


As VP I will:

  • Maintain a sense of community and inclusion. 

  • Listen to your concerns and advocate on your behalf.

  • Be a valuable team player in NUS, and the graduating awards committee.

  • Perform all duties required of the President in the event that she is unable to do so. 


It would be an honour and privilege to serve and represent you as the Vice President. I hope to receive your support in the upcoming elections. 


If you have any questions about my platform, please don't hesitate to contact me

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