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Jessica Goncalves

Jessica Goncalves

During these uncertain times, we must focus on what we can control. As Vice President, I have worked throughout the year to observe, participate in and support the functions of the Nursing Undergraduate Society. Its members have worked diligently to provide nursing students with a rich and stimulating year of events and privileges. We were also entrusted to bring forth your concerns throughout this journey. I am proud to have worked alongside such a dedicated group of peers and would be honoured to carry on serving our cohort and the incoming class of Bloomberg nurses. Though the future of our day-to-day is not yet clear, there are still things we can do to ensure we have the nursing education we desire, and the full experience of this program. We can control how we choose to interact with colleagues, as well as the spirit we bring to every class and event. We can find innovative ways to challenge one another, make the best of troubled times and learn from each other to build a unique background of nursing knowledge unlike any other because of this new world we are facing. As president of NUS, I would commit to bringing positivity and possibility not only to the NUS team but to every student we represent. In this discipline, we are to be relentless advocates for the patients whom we serve, and I will endeavor, with each dedicated member of NUS, to be the same for you.

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