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First year social coordinator

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Hailey vlahos
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hailey vlahos

Hello nursing friends! My name is Hailey and I am running to be your first year social coordinator! I have loved meeting you all over the past couple of weeks and hope to meet even more of you through the year. As social coordinator, I hope to plan events to bring everyone out so we can all have a chance to hang out outside of class/lab/clinical. I have previous held a position in my undergrad in Kin coordinating social events such as orientation week, club/pub nights, sports tournaments, graduation formal, fundraisers etc.! After being at UofT for a while (5 looooong years haha), I know how overwhelming it can get, so I hope to be able to hold events where we can all de-stress and maybe have a drink or two :) If this sounds appealing to you, a vote my way would hopefully bring stuff like this to the faculty!

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