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athletics & recreation Second year representative

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Naomi van Walraven

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naomi van walraven

Hello class of 2021! If I haven’t met you yet, my name is Naomi van Walraven and I want to represent YOU as the Athletics and Recreation Rep.


Using my experience from as the 1st year Athletics Rep this year, I want to promote healthy activities for ALL levels of fitness to get us moving during stressful times! Some ideas I want to implement are fitness breaks during our 6-hour days of sitting, having lunch time Zumba, walking or yoga groups, and arranging weekend active outings in the GTA.


I will ensure the smooth running of intramurals.  By organizing sports early, we will be able to accommodate everyone’s first choice of intramural sport. I will also develop a system to match individuals with other faculty’s teams in cases where nursing does not field a specific sport.


Finally, I will coordinate Nursing Games and ensure that Bloomberg comes out as #1! To do this, I will use my experience in helping organize the Bloomberg team for this year’s Nursing Games to coordinate a worry-free trip!  Moreover, I plan to host fundraising events so that anyone who wants to attend Nursing Games can participate.


Looking forward to an active, healthy year with all of you!

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