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Lisa Russell

Lisa Russell

My name is Lisa Russell, and I am running for the First Year Wellness Coordinator position. From my undergrad experience, I know how important and challenging it is to balance school and life. During my undergrad, I developed a passion for the importance of physical, mental, and emotional health. I harnessed this passion by volunteering through various organizations, including coaching judo, being a crisis line worker, running groups for people with dementia, organizing wellness packages during exams, and planning events for school clubs.

I decided to pursue a career in nursing to promote the health and wellness of others, but to do this, our own health and wellness needs to be a priority. That is why I love the idea of having a position dedicated to looking after the wellness of us as nursing students so that we can all succeed. Like many of you, the past weeks have come with many feelings: excitement, loneliness, and uncertainty. To cope with these feelings, I used virtual and outdoor fitness and wellness classes, walking, and talking with friends/family. My goal is to help my classmates reduce some of those negative feelings and connect with one another during online schooling through activities like these. I look forward to working with the 2nd year Wellness coordinator to plan events tailored to your needs and schedules. I hope everyone has a positive school year!

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Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto

Room 310, 155 College Street

Toronto, ON, M5T 1P8, Canada​

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