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Samantha Bulchand


Luxshi Sivakumar

Srimathanky Srikugan


Samantha Bulchand

Disability and illness, especially those that are not visible, can often go unnoticed or untreated. Over the years I have developed a passion for mental health. I hope to use the skills and tools I have learned to support fellow nursing students undergoing their own challenges. In undergrad, I was a part of the Mercy Ships Club as a volunteer coordinator, the Life Science Student Mentorship Club, and the Vice President of the Protection of Animal Wildlife and Sustainability Club. Through these experiences with the student body, I learned that club events can be a creative outlet for students that provides them with the opportunity to engage with other students with similar interests. As the First-Year Wellness Coordinator, I plan on implementing three types of events: Creative Wellness Events (Group Art therapy, Bath Bomb Making, Pet Photo Competition), Outdoor Wellness Events (Park Yoga, Group Hikes), and Guest Speakers (Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Psychotherapist). I plan on creating monthly emails containing Mental Health Podcast Recommendations, Self-help book recommendations, and tips for staying healthy throughout this program!  Through these events, I hope that students feel connected and supported, after all, we're all in this together!