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Second year wellness coordinator

1 available position

Audrey Ing

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Audrey Ing

Hi everyone, My name is Audrey (she/her) and I am running for Second-Year Wellness Coordinator! As nursing students, we know first-hand that mental health and well-being are an essential part of our everyday lives. It plays a huge role in our academic and professional learning, being proactive team players in interdisciplinary teams, and facilitating the best patient care possible. As students, we juggle between classes, clinical placements, extracurriculars, jobs, family commitments (and hopefully social lives). As Wellness Coordinator, it would be my role to promote the mental and physical well-being of our program as we balance all those commitments. I hope to help promote a balanced lifestyle with activities like therapy dogs, group sport sessions and complimentary boba days. I would also play a critical role in organizing the annual UofT wellness fair and will share its keynotes as friendly wellness checks over the year. I would be happy to take other suggestions or feedback about what you would like to see from NUS because I’m invested in promoting and maintaining the mental wellness of our entire program.

One reason I became a nurse is because I enjoyed meeting new people to gain new perspectives. It has been a pleasure getting to know so many of you through class, clinical and intramurals thus far. 

Thanks for taking the time to vote!

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