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first year wellness coordinator

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Mauda Karram 

Serena Lai 

Nea Okada

Amna Zafar

Mauda Karram - Headshot (Wellness)

Mauda Karram

Hi! I’m Mauda (she/her) and I’m running for Junior Wellness Coordinator. It’s been so invaluable getting to know many of you so far! 

So, “why vote Mauda?”.

As part of the mental health committee for my undergrad program, I helped organize various student wellness events. My input for these events was informed by my thesis work focused on understanding Canadian healthcare providers’ use of coping strategies during COVID-19. 

I’m often asked; “how can you know so much about healthcare providers’ mental health and still pursue nursing?”. As future nurses (and awesome people!!), we are choosing to dedicate our careers to the care of others. But that shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of becoming a nurse. You deserve to be supported and cared for as well. I see you and I hear you, and I’d love to be the person you elect to be your voice in organizing the NUS wellness events.

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