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Vice President

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1. Alex Telesz

Hey my fellow first year nurses!


My name is Alex and I’d like to be your Vice President for the coming school year. Let’s get started with a few details about me. I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Biomedical Science and a minor in Psychology. Throughout my time in University I struggled to find my niche while trying my very best to get involved. I was continuously looking for ways to get involved and dabbled in many different volunteer opportunities. After a term of being the Vice President of a club called MEDLIFE I realized I really enjoyed working in a dynamic team to organize and execute fundraisers and social events. I also learned to appreciate the challenges brought on by an executive position. From here, I got involved with the school’s science student council; Science Society. My first position was Gradball coordinator where I planned a formal for the graduating class of 2017 with two others. It was much like planning a wedding – stressful and time consuming but extremely rewarding in the end. I went to take on the roles of media coordinator and events coordinator which taught me to appreciate different leadership styles and how to work in a team coherently to be successful. Science Society was truly eye-opening for me and I realized I finally found my passion.


Lastly, I’d like you to know that it would be an honour for me to represent you as Vice President and I willingly accept the joys and challenges that balancing this program and position will bring. If you have any questions about me or want to get to know me better I am a social butterfly so please come say hi!

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