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Sing-Yan Ng

Hey everyone!


My name is Sing-Yan Ng (I recently discovered that my last name is an emoji!) and I’m running to be your UTSU first year representative. As seen in my photo, I’m all about having fun and goofing around with friends. I recently graduated from U of T with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology! During my entire undergrad, I was involved in our faculty’s athletic association; in my first two years, I served as the athletic class rep and was the vice-president and president in my third and fourth year, respectively. I’ve gained a lot of invaluable experience over the past four years running different events and partnering with other organizations and communities to provide a better undergraduate experience for students. Our council has worked extensively with the UTSU to organize the faculty’s orientation week and other sport-related events on campus. Having completed my previous degree at U of T, I am familiar with several of the services that are provided by the UTSU, such as health & dental plans, students discounts (for Ripley’s Aquarium, Wonderland, the Good Food Box, and many more!), and student services. If given the opportunity, I’d love to be your liaison for anything related to the UTSU and more! Our university offers so many different opportunities and resources and I would like to make them available and accessible to you. Apart from this position, I’ll always be available to lend a helping hand for anything and can recommend some awesome hangout spots within and outside of the GTA! I love this tightknit community that we’ve already formed within the past couple of weeks and I look forward to growing with each and every one of you over the next two years!


Sing-Yan ☺    

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