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Wellness Coordinator

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3. allison brawley-hogg

My name is Alli and I graduated from Dalhousie University in Halifax with a degree in neuroscience. During my undergrad, I started experiencing extreme anxiety that further escalated after I learnt a close friend had tragically passed. This experience has given me an appreciation for those suffering from mental health problems. It also taught me that one person’s mental illness not only affects themselves but those around them. Since then I have gained an appreciation for the value of mindfulness and self-care. Studying neuroscience helped deepen my understanding as to how these skills facilitate a healthier way of living.

As (soon-to-be) nurses, we all have a love of caring for others. However, in order to fully realize this goal, we must also learn how to achieve this for ourselves.  I hope to help you learn how to use your energy and wellbeing most effectively, so together we can heal others.

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