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Jaemaela Del Rosario

Hi! My name is Jaemaela (Jae, for short) and I am running to be your First Year Representative. I did my first degree at McMaster University, where I graduated this June. In the last 2 years of this degree, I had the opportunity to serve as the VP Internal and VP Finance for a student association.

As the VP Internal, I coordinated a mentorship program for our first-year members as well as outreach opportunities for our club. As the VP Finance, I was able to garner sponsorships for our club, in the form of discounts from local businesses for our members. In addition to this, I was responsible for budgeting events’ costs and allocating funds for our annual charity donation. Apart from these specific tasks, I took part in establishing a welcoming environment for our new and returning members, as well as promoting and overseeing social events to ensure their success.

One of the things that continues to stand out to me is the solidarity among our cohort of nursing students. From orientation week to now, I have felt supported and truly welcomed into this program by you, our colleagues in second year, and our faculty and staff. By using my experiences from my previous undergraduate career, I hope to represent YOU and your unique voices to continually foster a sense of belonging for all of us and for the first-year students who will come after us. I recognize the diversity of our first-year group and because of that, I want to hear your suggestions and ideas and be part of the team that will do its best to make your first year an enjoyable one.

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