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global health second year representative

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Anisha Amirthan


Anisha amirthan

Hi everyone! My name is Anisha (she/her). You might remember me from earlier in the year when I ran to be your First Year Global Health Representative. I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be your First Year Global Health Representative, and I’m hoping to continue on as your Second Year Global Health Representative! My favourite part about having this role was being able to hear from so many of you that you felt inspired by our events. Becoming more informed on global health issues together, along with hearing from amazing guest speakers was such a humbling experience. I hope to continue to provide you all with these opportunities to get connected with healthcare professionals, and community resources (and hopefully in person too!). Moving forward, I would love to hear directly from all of you about what specific global health issues you are interested in learning more about! It has been incredible to see all of us grow from September to now, and I am so excited to continue to propel our nursing journey.

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