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I am grateful for the opportunity to introduce myself as a candidate for the president of NUS 2021/2022. Since beginning this program, my goal has been to be the person you can trust, rely on and hold accountable. After a fruitful yet challenging journey that we all have been through together, I realized I could best serve our community as the president of NUS.

As we embarked on this learning journey with the pandemic, my focus since Day 1 has been OUR wellness as learners. My desire to help us get through this challenging time is profoundly depicted in my initiatives on getting our onboarding of the program and continued support for my peers for the past several months. Throughout my experience as your “friendly virtual classmate”, I realized that, to provide more impacting and long-lasting support, serving our community as the president of NUS will be the solution.

As the president of NUS, I intent to be your ABC: I will Advocate for our journey and wellness as nursing students. I will Bridge the student body and faculty to create a healthier learning environment. I will promote Continue thriving for Diversity and Inclusion in our journey to draw strength from our differences. Please join me in this exciting journey to create a healthier and exciting nursing school community with all of you.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you the best with your new rotation!

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Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Official Delegate (No Candidate)

Second Year Wellness Coordinator (No Candidate)

Second Year Social Coordinator

Second Year Representative

Athletics & Recreation Second Year Representative

Second Year Publications Coordinator

Global Health Second Year Representatives

Second Year Equity Coordinator

Mentorship Coordinator