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SAmantha Bulchand


Samantha Bulchand

Hey guys! I'm Sam and I'm running for the President position at NUS! As president, I will act as the primary liaison between the student body and the Faculty. I will advocate for your needs whether it be related to academics, clinical experience, or student wellbeing when attending faculty meetings. Your voice is valued, respected, and appreciated! I will continue to be an active member of the student community in order to ensure that NUS initiatives are carried out and students have equal opportunities. As a previous NUS member, I developed a new initiative to distribute monthly wellness newsletters that I hope you all enjoyed. I'd love to continue to use creativity and positivity when leading NUS events, organizing meetings, and overseeing NUS’s student initiatives. I hope to support all of your fun ideas for in-person social and academic events to relieve school stress! In the new school year, I plan on helping incoming students transition to nursing school life by creating infographics, hosting information sessions, and assisting with student orientation. I acknowledge that nursing school can be stressful at times, and I plan on using a mindful and inclusive approach throughout my time as President. I am blown away by the amount of support we provide one another as nursing students, and I plan on promoting this environment throughout the rest of the school year and beyond!

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