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Second year publications coordinator

2 positions

Deniz Tokgoz

Susan le


Deniz TOkgoz

Hello everyone! My name is Deniz Tokgoz (she/her). I look forward to running as your senior publications coordinator! During the past school year, I had the pleasure of being one of the junior publications coordinators. During that time, I learned the inner workings of the role as well as the process to make the yearbook! I would be grateful for the opportunity to continue the work I began for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year! I completed my previous undergraduate degree at McMaster University. I was part of the orientation team for incoming first-year students, during which I was a photographer! I got to photograph memorable moments and create promotional images for various events. I felt immense joy to be the one to capture pivotal moments and develop the moments that we as students cherish. I have always considered myself a sentimental person. I think it is important to remember those monumental moments we as students cherish! As your senior publications coordinator, I would love to create a yearbook that showcases those moments during our time together at Bloomberg. Through the creation of this yearbook, we will be able to have a concrete reminder of our time shared together. I believe that the ideal candidate should have effective skills in communication and collaboration. I believe that these skills along with my creativity make me an ideal candidate for the position!

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