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Jaewon Jeong

Jaewon Jeong First Year Rep.PNG

Jaewon Jeong

Hi everyone! My name is Jaewon, currently your first-year representative at NUS, and I want
to be your second-year representative in our next school year!

In September before being elected, I promised you all cute merchandise this year, and
hopefully you can see that we pulled through!

As a second year rep, I would be helping with first year orientation, second year graduation
merch ;), graduation pictures and a Nursing Formal if possible!

I had such a good time advocating for you in the past semester and want to continue to help
and be a listening ear. Now that we have in-person classes, I’m super stoked to be able to
see you all!

Feel free to shoot me a message whenever you want someone to talk to! I’ll be here :) ❤

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