Second year Social coordinator

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Hey friends! My name is Rachelle Eldik and I am running to be one of our Senior Social Coordinators for NUS! A little background information about me is that I previously did my undergraduate degree at Western University in Medical Sciences and Biology and am now a very proud nurse to be with all of you folks! Besides being a student (which I know is an overwhelming part of our identity nowadays), I am your stereotypical Pisces (if you know, you know). All jokes aside, nowadays my main hobbies include dancing around in my tiny one-bedroom Toronto apartment and enjoying mine and my cat’s company amongst these COVID-19 times. OKAY now I’m done. 

What can I tell you about myself? I love the company of others and trust me I’m with the rest of you on how tough it has been to not be surrounded by all the people you love and make you laugh daily. I am overwhelmingly energetic at times but can also be a great companion for a pizza and movie night or a casual cup of coffee. My crazy kitten (Rio) has been my main project during quarantine, and we have gotten as far as learning to “sit” when told with a treat or three. This spiel about myself has been random and all over the place but I hope it shows all of you my warm and welcoming aura and the fun, light, and energetic qualities that I would bring to the Senior Social Coordinator role!

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