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Scroll through slideshow to check out these candidates:
1. Kezia Amoako
2. Monica Naddafi


Hello, my fellow nurslings! My name is Kezia Amoako and I am running for the NUS 1st year Equity Coordinator Rep.


I am so excited to run for a position that prioritizes social justice and equity within our Nursing Program. I promise you that I will put my heart and soul into ensuring that this program reflects the communities that we are serving the most.


Here are three reasons why you should vote for me:

  1. As someone who experiences marginalization due to racism and sexism, I understand the value of equity, accessibility, and education. I have the personal vocation to break down barriers for other Black and Indigenous folks who seek to be students in this prestigious program as well as for those are in this program. And I will also ensure that equity is not just a conversation during lectures, but a responsibility in which we all feel the urge to act on in our respective interactions with present and future clients.

  2. My past work and volunteer experience has equipped me with the tools to succeed in this position. In 2014, one month after graduating, I moved to Ghana and established a Girls Empowerment Program for junior high school students. Using a health-promotion model, the program empowered young women, many from low socioeconomic backgrounds, to love themselves and see themselves as agents of social change in their community. This resulted in many of the young girls attaining leadership positions in their schools. As a Youth Outreach Coordinator at an AIDS Service Organization, I established support groups for communities who face health disparities, such as young Black women and Queer youth of colour. The programs educated them on how to advocate for their needs in health care.

  3. I’m awesome.

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