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Nursing Student of the Month

february 2018

Jacqueline Parkes

Year 1 BScN Student

"For anyone who has met Jacquline, it is quickly evident that she has positive and infectious energy. I only recently got to know her during our clinical placement together, where she is incredibly supportive of her fellow students. She always greets her classmates and patients with a huge smile and uses her energy to help others. Jacqueline is an absolute pleasure to have on your team, and I know her future patients will be lucky to have her care for them."



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Q: Why did you choose nursing?

I decided to become a nurse because I have seen the impact nurses have on their patients and their patients' families. I enjoy working with people and want to be able to make another's day a little brighter while also helping them get back to their optimum level of health.



Q: Tell us a Fun Fact about yourself!

I have a big fat orange cat named Gunther!


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Andrea Magalhaes

Year 2 BScN Student

"I was incredibly sick for the month of January and February and missed a lot of class. Andrea without hesitation reached out and offered to share her notes, no questions asked. With this action she lifted a huge amount of stress off my shoulders allowing my HPA axis to calm down enough so my immune system would kick in. Andrea has always been a silent helper in the program and her kindness, hardworking nature, teamwork and altruism deserves to be recognized. She is a truly wonderful person whom I am grateful that I made the acquaintance of in this program and whom I would be happy to work with as a nursing colleague in the future. I was trying to think of a way to thank her and because she doesn’t drink coffee I thought this would be a perfect way. Fingers crossed. Thank you Andrea."



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Q: Why did you choose nursing?

I was inspired to pursue nursing by my mom's wonderful nurses at PMH, who treated her (and us) with nothing less than love, empathy, and amazing support.  They helped me create beautiful lasting memories even as my mom was drawing her last breaths. 



Q: Tell us a Fun Fact about yourself!

99% of my pictures have water in the background (oceans, lakes, waterfalls, swimming pools, or at least rain). And my first word as a baby was "swimming pool" in Portuguese.


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