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1. Athena hau
2. Claudia Molinaro
3. Dan Rowland
4. Leigh-Ann Haataja
5. Michelle Atsu
6. Vivian Wang

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1. Athena hau

My name is Athena Hau, and I’m running to be one of your Global Health 1st Year Student Representatives in NUS!  I hope to serve you well in organizing events about global health as it applies to us nursing students and beyond.  I aim to spend a great part of my nursing career in this field, so I would be privileged to be chosen to share my passion constructively with you!


As a mature student who has graduated with a Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award and worked in The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), I have to offer 9+ years of relevant experience in student leadership, global health and development, and the professional environment in SickKids, such as:


  • Clinical Project Research Coordinator, SickKids (2014-2017):

    • Networked and collaborated with nurses, physicians, researchers, and other allied healthcare professionals actively working in global health

    • Organized interdepartmental meetings and conferences involving multiple sponsors and stakeholders across the continent


  • Managing editor, Juxtaposition Global Health Magazine (2010-2013):

    • Organized and attended student-led global health conferences and seminars involving students leaders and professionals working in global health

    • Curated, edited, and wrote articles on relevant global health topics


  • Local chapter president, World University Service of Canada Student Refugee Program (2009-2012)

    • Connected with local and national resources to support former refugees to settle as landed immigrants in Canada for the non-profit global development organization

    • Received the Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award in 2012 mainly for contributions to this program


  • Community Outreach Director and Council member,  Innis College Council, Innis College Student Society & Innis Residence Council (2008-2012):

    • Organized and led volunteer drives to benefit the local community

    • Supported incoming Directors as Advisor and team member for their activities


In summary, I aim to bring together my experience as an award-winning student leader and a professional with networks in the current healthcare industry to create exciting opportunities for you through events, seminars, and more.  Let’s learn about the many perspectives of global health and participate as active members of the community together!

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