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Graduate Awards 2019-2020

These awards are an opportunity for students to recognize graduating peers who have made exceptional contributions to the program and positively affected their peers during their tenure in the BScN program at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing.

Maki Iwase Leadership Award

Jaemaela del Rosario

Emma Praysner

The Maki Iwase Leadership Award is presented to individuals who are exemplary, empathetic leaders inside and outside the classroom/clinical setting. They demonstrate critical reflexivity and consistently work toward challenging social forces. They are dedicated and passionate about their work and go the extra mile with every opportunity and are involved in patient advocacy and social justice.

The Involvement Award

Juliana Chun

Sam Li

The Involvement Award is presented to individuals who have made a significant contribution to nursing student organizations, nursing events and/or the student body as a whole.They contribute to the sense of community at Bloomberg.

Clinical Award

Constance Irwin

Arvie Portacio

The Clinical Award is presented to individuals who demonstrate exemplary skills, compassion and caring during a challenging situation in a clinical course. They consistently demonstrate best practices, and promote learning and application of theories among peers and is involved in patient advocacy and social justice.

 Academic Award

Stephanie Dos Santos

Sheryl Robertson

The Academic Award is presented to individuals who show improvement, commitment to, or intellectual development in, their academic subjects. They share their enthusiasm for academic growth and contributes to the learning of others.​

Bloomberg Spirit Award

Amanda Shenfield

Erika Scholten

The Bloomberg Spirit Award is presented to individuals who show school spirit with a positive outlook and enthusiasm. They inspire others to participate and use their ongoing energy to help support others.

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