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IHI Associate Delegate

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1. Ahiraa Supeinthiran
2. Cameron Sandison

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1. Ahiraa Supeinthiran

Hello class of 2019! My name is Ahiraa Supeinthiran and I am running for your Institute for Healthcare Improvement (aka IHI) Associate Delegate! I recently graduated from the University of Toronto Scarborough campus with an Honours Bachelor of Science double majoring in Human Biology and Mental Health Studies.

Here is why I believe you should kindly vote for me: first off, I am passionate about progressing health care, learning about our work environments and creating a positive impact on everyone involved. This includes having a better care system for patients/clients, a better work environment for the various healthcare providers and also to create a system that is both accessible and inclusive on local, national and global scales. My areas of interest in reducing disparities in heath care across diverse communities and ensuring quality health care for all, parallel to the values of The University of Toronto’s Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

My previous experiences serve as a solid foundation to build upon as IHI delegate. I served as a volunteer with the Rouge Valley Health System’s Emergency Department and Stroke Rehabilitation Unit for three years. Throughout this time I was constantly engaging with clients, offering support and comfort to improve their encounter with the health care system. Moreover, this past summer I volunteered my time in Mangular, a village in Dominican Republic assisting an underprivileged community access quality health care. This eye-opening experience equipped me with the skills to advocate for better health outcomes and promote health across diverse groups at an international level and allowed me to witness first-hand the disproportionate health outcomes of our brothers and sisters worldwide.

This enriching experience was truly the catalyst for my desire to effect change at the administrative level. It has inspired me to advocate for improvements in healthcare for the future so that in our time we can live in a world where health care is a right and not just a privilege for all. I aspire to serve as the voice for those left out of our healthcare system. If elected, my work with IHI will help inform my practice and provide the tools I can use to break the systemic barriers and stigma associated with health care inequities and help pave the way to everyone possessing an equitable opportunity to get well-supported and individualized health service.

Last but not least, I genuinely care and want to be your voice in ensuring all your issues and concerns are addressed as we ensure everyone receives safe and effective health care. We all come from diverse backgrounds and I am sure you all have great ideas on ways to improve our healthcare system and I will make certain that your ideas are brought forth to implement the best solutions. I want to ask you to please give me the opportunity to show you that I am the ideal candidate to be your IHI Associate. I am looking forward to creating many meaningful learning experiences as your IHI Associate Delegate. That being said, please vote Ahiraa for your IHI associate delegate!!  

Thank you and with much love,


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