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Junior Director of Finance

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1. Justine Zupancic
2. Keisha rasool

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1. Justine Zupancic

Hello future Nurslings!


My name is Justine Zupancic (or you can find me on the ~internet~ as Justine Zupancakes), and I am running to be your Junior Director of Finance !!!!!!


I have overheard from multiple student peers that this position is time consuming and requires commitment.  Well I have some great news for my peers, and that is you are reading about someone with excellent time-management skills, and who is ready and committed to take on the obviously most important thing in your life, your hard earned, blood-sweat and tears made tuition money!


A little about me:

For the past almost 4 years now (aka the entirety of my undergrad degree), I have been working as a Teller at Cineplex Queensway (one of the busiest theatres in Canada).  This position allows me to carry the responsibility of all the physical cash and electronic funds that run through our building.  Have you ever gone to watch a movie on a busy Friday night?  Well after the 10,000 plus guests have left the building, I am left to deal with that $20,000 + made just in physical cash alone, and somehow balance our safe back to the original value with typically only a $2 – $0.00 variance.


I am your gal to handle your finances, and I know how important this position is to all of you! I will help to determine what social events, wellness/guidance workshops, freebies, athletic events, and most importantly ~~free food~~ we can afford to put into our budget. 


So if you enjoy free food and having a budget that is pristine, the don’t forget to vote Justine !!!!!!!!!!!!

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