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Nursing Student of the Month


Tasneem Hossain

Year 2 BScN Student

"Tasneem exemplifies the true meaning of academic and social citizenship. She took note of a faculty member who could benefit from moral support and positivity, taking it upon herself to reach out to our whole cohort and film student testimonials. She then edited this video into a final cut and presented it to one of professors at end of term. This allowed a forum for students to express their gratitude for the difficulties and growth that took shape in this professor's classroom, and was a major voluntary undertaking during a very busy academic time. Tasneem also makes use of powerful, personal stories in engaging with the class content. Her dry humour and fantastic wit always brightens my day! I am happy to call Tasneem a colleague and friend."

Learn more about Tasneem:

1) Why did you decide to go into nursing?

I want to embody social justice values in my daily work. Nursing involves complicated work within a space uniquely situated at the intersection of private lives and public policies. I accept the challenge of helping people navigate through this space, while ensuring they are respected, heard and can heal on their own terms. The fact that there will always remain an ethical and moral obligation to serve the most vulnerable people in this line of work fills me with hope and a sense of purpose.

2) Fun Fact: 

When I was in grade 9, I met the Jonas Brothers in the Eaton Centre food court!!!

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Lindsey Lenters

Year 1 BScN Student

"On her way into class in the morning, a passenger on the subway fainted. Although Lindsey wasn’t a witness to the event, she waited with the passenger until paramedics came. Other passengers didn’t want to interrupt their commute, except for Lindsey and a long time lifeguard. The two of them worked together to assess the passenger until more experienced help arrived. Great example of a student working in a team to ensure the well being of another!"

Learn more about Lindsey:

1) Why did you decide to go into nursing?

I had the honour of working with some amazing nurses while doing project management work in global and public health. I realized nursing was the right fit for me after seeing the pivotal role nurses play providing direct care to individuals, supporting communities and shaping health systems.

2) Fun Fact:

I have a functional heart murmur (in case anyone wants to practice cardiac assessments!)

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