NUS 2020-2021


Jessica Goncalves

Vice President

Lindsay MacLennan

Senior Director of Communications

Claire Gallagher

Junior Director of Communications

Rachael Shaw

Senior Director of Finance

Emma Isai

Junior Director of Finance

Julia Schafrick

2nd Year RNAO Associate Delegate

Erica Lipworth

1st Year RNAO Associate Delegate

Lucky Malazogu

2nd Year CNSA Official Delegate

Louise Biggar

2nd Year IHI Official Delegate

Jonathan Young

2nd Year Wellness Coordinator

Robisa Pulendrarajah

1st Year Social Coordinator

Rachelle Eldik

2nd Year Publications Coordinator

Evan Gammon

1st Year Global Health Rep

Jessica Kushla

1st Year Equity Coordinator

Ray Martinez-Rodriguez

1st Year CNSA Official Delegate

Amanda Reynolds

1st Year IHI Official Delegate

Shahram Zaheer

1st Year Wellness Coordinator

Lisa Russell

2nd Year Athletics & Recreation Rep

Naomi Van Walraven

1st Year Publications Coordinator

Raman Deol

1st Year Global Health Rep

Emily Sherwood

2nd Year Representative

Paula Utomi

2nd Year UTSU Representative

Meredith McKinnon

2nd Year IPE Representative

James Mangaliman

2nd Year Social Coordinator

Bukama Muntu

1st Year Athletics & Recreation Rep

Gautham Rejendra

2nd Year Global Health Rep

Rebecca Doyle

2nd Year Equity Coordinator

Agazit Hadera

1st Year Representative

Alexandra Moyssakos

1st Year UTSU Representative

Hailey Goldberg

1st Year IPE Representative

Sarah Lem

2nd Year Social Coordinator

Hailey Vlahos

2nd Year Publications Coordinator

Zachary Donaldson-Hall

2nd Year Global Health Rep

Neena Sharad

2nd Year Equity Coordinator

Priya Prabhakar

Mentorship Coordinator

Melissa Holmes