NUS 2021-2022


Sunny Baek

Senior Director of Communications

Rachael Shaw

Senior Director of Finance

 Julia Schafrick

2nd Year Representative

Alexandra Moyssakos

Mentorship Coordinator

Maggie Ng

2nd Year Social Coordinator

Rachelle Eldik

2nd Year Athletics & Recreation Rep

Gautham Rajendra

2nd Year Global Health Rep

Jessica Kushla

2nd Year CNSA Official Delegate

Amanda Reynolds

2nd Year Publications Coordinator

Raman Deol

2nd Year Wellness Coordinator

Position Available

2nd Year IPE Representative

Sarah Lem

2nd Year Equity Coordinator

Elayza-Glor Gaspan

2nd Year Social Coordinator (1/2)

Position Available

2nd Year UTSU Representative

Hailey Goldberg

2nd Year Equity Coordinator

Jeneka Navaranjan

2nd Year RNAO Associate Delegate

Lucky Malazogu

2nd Year IHI Official Delegate

Position Available

2nd Year Global Health Representative (1/2)

Position Available

2nd Year Publications Coordinator (1/2)

Position Available

List of vacant positions


- 2nd year IHI official delegate

- 2nd year Wellness coordinator

- 2nd year social coordinator (1/2)

- 2nd YEar GLobal Health Rep (1/2)

- 2nd Year Publications COordinator (1/2)


Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto

Room 310, 155 College Street

Toronto, ON, M5T 1P8, Canada​

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