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Nursing Student of the Month

October 2017

Hong (Helen) Xu

Year 2 BScN Student

"Phenomenal full time student and full time mom, always providing the best for her kids anytime she isn't in school. Genuinely kind not just to her own, but also to her peers, she even baked her clinical group cake one time!"

"First of all, shout out to all the moms in the program. You all deserve nurse of the month! Helen amazed me how she was able to balance school with raising 2 children, with her husband working back in China. Helen's story of her immigration experience, and her selfless dedication to her children really made me realize how challenging it is to be a parent in this program. Just wanted to recognize what an amazing job she's doing!"

"Helen is an exemplary student who balances not only having two small children at home but also having to complete this program in a non native language. Despite this she is always in class and always the friendliest person to speak with."

"This student has gone through the program gracefully while taking care of her two little children. She has assisted individuals throughout the program to the best of her abilities and has demonstrated a caring compassion like no other student I have met. She is brilliant (has a PhD) but that is not her greatest asset. her greatest asset is her ability to be inclusive with everyone and assist in providing a supportive environment for all students to feel supported. I feel what makes her accomplishments even more remarkable is that English is not her first language but does not allow that to hinder her ability to flourish not only in this program but also in Canadian society."

Learn more about Hong (Helen):

1) Why did you decided to go into nursing?

I chose nursing since my goal is to pursue a career that is serving in health care field and I think nursing should be a great start. And nursing is the career that can make a difference in people’s lives and bring them hope and cheer.

2) Fun Fact:

I know a lot of places to have birthday parties (‘especially for kids’), cause I had two kids and almost every month one of them would be invited to attend someone’s birthday.

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Esther Casey

Year 1 BScN Student

"Before class one day, Esther walked upon a woman who had just been hit by a car. The car drove off, and no other pedestrians around seemed to be stepping in to help. Esther sat the older woman down in a chair, got to practice some nursing assessments! And stayed with her until paramedics arrived."

Learn more about Esther:

1) Why did you decide to go into nursing?

2)My parents were my earliest motivating factor to become a health care worker. They conveyed to me a strong message of social advocacy through their dedication to community work – That we can help shape healthy communities, and our actions should be used to support those who cannot support themselves. As I progressed through academia, I developed a passion for all things medical, and nursing was a natural intersect between my interests and values. Nurses amaze me constantly. Their wide breadth of knowledge, ability to problem solve in tough situations, and perform care rooted in dignity are just some of the reasons I’m proud to call myself a nursing student.

2) Fun Fact:

I am happiest in the forest! From epic hikes in northern Ontario, to cruising around High Park, you’ll find me (and my school books) where the trees are. Thanks for this acknowledgement, and best of luck to the class of 2019.

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