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What do the delegates do at the CNSA conference?

As Official and Associate Delegates of the CNSA, it was Sasha and I’s job to attend daily meetings with other delegates from Nursing School across Canada. One of the highlights of these meetings was hearing the presentation of and voting on the Position and Resolution statements that the CNSA Board of Directors and Committees had been working hard on over the year.

Position statements are used to affirm the CNSA’s stance on important issues and resolution statements define priorities for governance and changes to the structure of the CNSA.

This year we voted on three position statements and five resolution statements as follows:

Position statements:

- Equal access to PrEP

- Incorporation of Mental Health into all Primary Care

- Achieving Health Equity in Canada’s Rural and Remote Communities

Resolution statements:

- Quebec to Join the Atlantic Regional Conference

- Establishing a Committee Chair Position for Practical Nursing Advocacy

- Inclusive Intake/Patient History forms

- Establishing a Non-Voting Position for Indigenous Allyship on the Board of Directors

- Director of Indigenous Health Advocacy as an Executive Committee Voting Member

Inclusion is always a priority in nursing and this year we saw the CNSA take tangible steps towards inclusivity in many populations.

A highlight for me was when the Director of Indigenous Health Advocacy, an Algonquin woman from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, delivered the resolution statement to move the position of Indigenous Health Advocacy to a voting member on the Board of Directors. She spoke about the call to action delivered by the Truth and Reconciliation Committee and how changing the Director of Indigenous Health Advocacy to a voting position fulfilled the call for a move beyond tokenism towards self-determination. Then she shared her personal perspective on the importance of this move. When the delegation voted in favour of this resolution statement there was a standing ovation, many of us moved to tears.

Attending this conference and casting a vote in favour of these legislation changes was a privilege. Being a part of conversations about privilege, marginalization and allyship was an important reminder of the role nurses play in people’s lives.

As a member of a national organization, it was also a reminder of how powerful our collective voices can be. We need to use our privilege as RNs to be allies to those who are facing systemic injustice and stand up when we see people being treated poorly.

For full versions of the position and resolution statements please visit:

Jerri Clout

CNSA – Official Delegate

2nd year student

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