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1. alicia park
2. Aprille Soriano
3. Kassandra ma

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1. alicia park

Hey Guys! My name is Alicia Park and I’m running for 1st year Publications Coordinator! If you aren’t sure what that is, I’ll be the person taking pictures of our “blood, sweat, and tears” moments and putting them into our yearbook.


A bit about me, I graduated UofT with a Chemistry and Sociology major (yes, both arts and science. Don’t ask). I LOVE food and would always say YES to food. I’m one of those who take pictures of food before eating because we all know… camera eats first. I also really love traveling and enjoy making travel videos to reminisce on.


If elected, I’ll make sure to capture all your best moments in the nursing program because we all know the year is going to fly by too fast for us to remember it all. Don’t worry I’ll make sure y’all look beautiful! Even when you are in your comfy sweater with day 3 hair and running on your 4th cup of coffee or even after your 12 hour shifts. ;)

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