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1. Malcolm 



For those that haven’t met me, my name is Malcolm, and I’m running to be your 1st year Social Coordinator.

I graduated McGill with a Biology degree so naturally the next step was to work at Lululemon in Victoria for a year.


On top of accumulating at least 7 pairs of pants that somehow make my non-existent butt look incredible, I got the opportunity to try so many new activities. I had a year of rock climbing, playing squash, barre, spinning, swing dancing, pole dancing, and yoga. I honestly can’t decide which activities to stop to make room for this program, so I figured as Social Coordinator I would organize a bunch of these activities for us to do together! Especially the pole dancing, because there’s no better workout.


As much as I loved retail, my heart really lies in BC, at an Easter Seals camp that I’ve been working at for the past 4 summers. I’ve done just about every position at camp, including Camp Director this past summer. I live and breathe camp so you can guarantee that I’ll be bring a piece of camp to Bloomberg. Give me the chance to run a couple icebreakers and team builders at a party, and we’ll be one big happy family in no time.


I’m also brand new to Toronto, and I’m keen to explore this massive city. I would love to organize some excursions to discover every nook and cranny of Toronto. I’m particularly excited about all the live music, cool workshops, hip bars, and amazing vegetarian food. I would love to hear about any adventures you guys want to do. Then we could organize a big group of nurses to go, because let’s be honest, we bring the party wherever we go.


Thanks for reading my spiel and I look forward to connecting with you guys, and being  a part of building this great nursing community over the next two years! 

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