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1. Shivali baroT
2. Suruthi Senthilvel
3. Wendy tu

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1. ShivaLi baroT

Hi fellow future nurses! My name is Shivali Barot and I’m running to be your UTSU Representative.


A bit about me, I recently finished my undergrad at UofT in 3 years with a double major in Human Biology & Psychology, and did research with the UHN which led me to nursing as a career path. I’m running for this position because I have comprehensive experience in leadership positions, have the personality and skills for what it takes to be a great UTSU rep, and have the passion for advocating for what students deserve.


I’ve had experience working with UofT’s Student’s Union through positions such as First Year Rep - Academic Committee (2014), Student Ambassador (2015), and Cultural Mosaic Coordinator (2015) where I acted as a liaison between the student body and governing council, advocating for students’ needs. I also currently hold the title as youth activity outreach/networking coordinator at an International NGO and know how to keep people well informed, connected, and up-to-date.


The University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) is a governing body that provides services and events for students. Because I’m an easily approachable and very social person, if elected I’d make sure to let everyone know of all the perks we get (e.g. discounts for Wonderland, Cineplex movies, Raptors Games, tourist attractions, book bursary programs, and even massages, + free food/events!). Trust me, I love the word free and where there’s free food/events, you’ll all definitely know.  Furthermore, I’d try to go above and beyond in my position as UTSU rep to advocate for more opportunities and an active engagement of nursing students at workshops, conferences, events, and job fairs hosted by UofT. With my past experiences as Co-Director of a Conference Committee, I’d also love to collaborate with other nursing schools and UofT clubs for conferences and health-related competitions, which is something new I’d bring to the table.


You pay $427.42 in your tuition for UTSU student services so vote for me and I will ensure that every dollar you pay is worth it and you get the most out of it!

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