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Scroll through slideshow to check out these candidates:
1. Aastha Dongol
2. Clarice Shen
3. Jessica Evans
4. Julia Gow
5. Omoye Ugiagbe
6. Natalie Iannucci
7. Sangeeta Gupta

Next Position

1. Aastha dongol

Hi everyone! My name is Aastha and I’m running to be your first year wellness coordinator.


I’m deeply passionate about mental health and previously completed a BSc in Neuroscience and Mental Health. Like you, I’m very excited to be enrolled in this wonderful program and embark on this nursing journey. We can all agree that the next two years will be challenging. My goal as a wellness coordinator will be to help establish a safe and inclusive environment where we can help each other thrive both mentally and physically.


Since stress has so many detrimental effects on our mind and body, finding ways to cope with it is a must. Did you know that studies have shown that interacting with dogs can ease tension, lower blood pressure, lessen depression, and reduce fatigue? As your wellness coordinator, my aim would be to organize events such as ‘pet therapy day’ to give you opportunities to unwind. That being said, we are all unique individuals with different interests and coping techniques, and I want to find avenues that appeal to each and every one of you.


If I am elected, I will try my best to cater to 

everyone’s interests and needs by organizing a variety of classes such as yoga, mindfulness/meditation, nutritional cooking, time-management; as well as events such as paint/music night, movie marathons, board-game night, etc. The possibilities are endless, and I’m open to suggestions! 

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