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michelle buda

My name is Michelle and I’m running for the position of Second Year Equity Coordinator.


I’ve always had a passion for social justice, equal rights, and advocating for underprivileged populations. Throughout my undergraduate degree, I contributed to the Sexuality and Gender Diversity Lab to learn about and advocate on behalf of LGBTQ+ populations, conducted research to explore housing discrimination against battered women and the factors involved in social acceptance of sexual assault victims’ survival stories. I’ve led my own research project in understanding and destigmatizing polarizing stereotypes regarding sexual minorities.


I have also been a mentor to Black and Indigenous high school students to encourage their interest in pursuing healthcare fields, as these populations are both underrepresented and inadequately recognized for their contributions to health professions. I am very outspoken about social inequities, have a strong sense of justice, and would love to dedicate my time during my final year of nursing school towards striving for and maintaining equity within our program. If elected, I plan to do my best to listen so that I can mitigate issues directly impacting our 2021-2022 cohort. I would love to make a difference in my final year at UofT and would be very grateful for your vote!

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